Day in the Life of a Student/Co-Director

The second Water Street Music Series event has already come and gone, can you believe it? “Bach, Beethoven & Beer” was last night at T-Bock’s Upstairs, a downtown restaurant and bar. I immediately fell in love with their newly-renovated venue. Exposed brick walls, dark hardwood floors and a rustic bar completed the perfect location for our classical music concert. Yes, classical, complete with harpsichord, in a bar. Since the event was on a Friday night, I spent the day trying to stay in student mode, simultaneously battling my co-director mode.

    “Bach, Beethoven & Beer,” or “BBB” as we lovingly abbreviated, had to fall during midterms, resulting in two exams to complete on performance day. Of course, one of them was for anatomy. I woke up early, as I usually do (I really hate the stereotypical college student sleep schedule) and studied my many flashcards. Many, many flashcards. Whilst reciting parts of the human skeleton under my breath, I had the WSMS ticket reservation system open on my computer, getting a little overly excited for every new ticket order coming through. After my lab exam was completed (feeling pretty good about it, by the way) I began to cram for my next test in Rhetorical Theories. A short exam though it was, I still needed to memorize parts of the Trivium and Quadrivium, the teachings of Cicero and Quintilian, as well as a few new vocabulary terms sure to be on the test. While I was attempting to retain this information, I was taking short breaks to answer emails from patrons, make last minute trips to the print shop for programs and continued to update the ticket reservations, getting almost giddy as the reservations neared triple digits.

    When my afternoon class and last exam were complete, it was finally time to go into full-on co-director mode (honestly, the mode I wanted to be in all day). I filled my purse with snacks, water bottle, pens, tape, scissors and even an extra pair of shoes before heading out. I was prepared! A run to the bank for change, plus a stop at Java John’s for another jolt of caffeine were last minute errands before getting to the venue about two hours before the doors opened. Chairs were mostly set up, but we added a few extra touches like musician bios, hashtag signs to promote our social media presence, and front of house set up to take tickets. When 6:30 rolled around, I was hoping and praying that our audience showed up, and show up they did. About 150 people packed the venue to hear the music of the greats, Bach and Beethoven. Luther music faculty, along with Luther students, played in a few combos, and a Luther student and Luther alum were featured soloists.

    It is by far one of the best feelings to see people enjoying music, knowing that you helped make that happen. It is just as amazing to have a full, beautiful day such as that one. I don’t know when I am ever going to have such a unique opportunity again to get a college education by day, and host a classical music concert in a bar by night, but I sure hope I do.

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