Eric likes running, sometimes.

Most Wednesdays, I go for a nighttime run. I usually go around 11:30, joined by my good friend Chelanga Langason.

As I write this, it is about 1 AM, and I’m in a post-run state of mental fortitude. I am in my bed, looking forward to the amazing sleep I’m about to get, but a little bit too energized to fall asleep quite yet.

Being in college forces you to discover things about yourself (Is that the point? Maybe.) You learn how to get work done, and the conditions that you strive under. You are forced to learn how much sleep (Or coffee! Haha!) you really need in order to function, and you find the most effective ways to relieve stress. For some it’s food, naps, Netflix, or other lazy, pathetic, disgusting things.*

Anyway, as far as stress relievers go, running is pretty great.

I did some running in high school. I joined our school’s cross country and track teams in my senior year, and I was alright at it. I wasn’t that fast, but I wasn’t that slow. I generally hovered around the range between “slowest guy on the varsity team” and “fastest guy on the JV team”, and our total team was pretty small. It was fun, though, and I wish I had joined earlier.

In college, running has been WAY different. I run much less, but I think it’s a good thing. I’m not training to run any races, or lose weight, or anything like that. I’m running to have good conversations with my friends, or to think about something that’s been on my mind, or to just feel like I’ve accomplished something in my day. I don’t get injured, and I don’t get bored from too much running.

Also, Decorah is a beautiful town to run in. At night, you can usually see the stars really well, and it’s absolutely silent. It’s also really quiet during the day, actually. There are a lot of hills, and a TON of trails, and it’s extremely safe.

Aaaand now I'm hitting that point where I’m ready for the sweet release of sleep to take me. Tomorrow morning I’m getting coffee and catching up with Dr. Andrew “Papa” Last, who directed me in Norsemen last year, and I’m excited. It’s been awhile.

      *I actually enjoy all of these things.

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