Putting on a Show

So this weekend is Luther's production of Proof, which I am very proud to be a part of. Three showings have already been done and the last one is coming up, and the response has been astounding! I'd like to take some time to talk a little about the process of putting this show together and theatre at Luther.

I got into this show a little late, as a replacement for the other student originally cast. Doing this meant not taking part in the musical, Cabaret, which I really wanted to do. However, with a guaranteed part or only a chance of a part, I decided to join the cast of Proof.

The rehearsals started with read-throughs and script analysis, followed by setting up boxes in a rough representation of the set. Our director, Jeff, had us do blocking on our own and experiment with what we felt, to which he refined and reformed later.

Once the set and stage was finished, we started to use the actual set itself and went through, scene by scene, and blocked it officially. As the weeks progressed we dropped the scripts and only used someone prompting, followed by complete memorization (or on your own if you forgot a line). With this, the joy of tech week (running transitions) and finally performance!

I hope to continue to elaborate on participating in shows here, but for today I must head out to get ready for the show. Please leave any questions you might have, and I'll hopefully get to answering them!

Sing Well,


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