Best Weekend Ever.

I am living the dream life. I had two exams on Friday morning, which sounds terrible, but actually resulted in the perfect weekend. My only real commitment this weekend was a choir sectional at 8:15 tonight, but those are usually pretty enjoyable. That’s right -- NO homework. To take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime weekend, I “chillaxed” the whole time.

On Saturday, I slept in until 11:00, then stayed in bed until about 12:30. My girlfriend and I went to lunch at the Co-op, then got coffee at Magpie, then for dinner we met a friend at McCaffrey’s. Despite spending WAY too much money, it was unbelievably pleasant. That night, I spent some time with friends, then watched some Star Trek (not embarrassed) and went to bed.

Today, I woke up around 11:00 again, and after aimlessly sitting and drinking coffee in my room, I sat outside the CFA and drew some trees for my Drawing class. The weather was beautiful, and I was surprisingly satisfied with how my drawing was coming along. At the moment, I’m taking part in a weekly “homework and cheese party” with my friends, then I’m going for a nighttime run around Decorah with my pal Chelanga. A perfect end to a perfect weekend.

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