The Last Mile

       when it rains, it pours; that is how I feel about my first few weeks as a senior at Luther College.       

       For the past three years, my life consisted of preparing for the next class, doing homework, running and sleeping; however, things have changed now. This is senior year. It is the year when my future is decided. I have to decide what I want to do and be ready to face any consequences of my decision regardless of whether the outcome is positive or negative. Sometimes when I think of it for a long time, it scares me.
       The workload has increased dramatically for me this year. Sometimes I shiver when I think about all the things I have to do before I graduate this coming May, 2014. My first priority is to continue to graduate school to pursue a PhD in Statistics. This priority demands a lot of research and a great deal of money. I have to find all the graduate schools that are in the geographic area of my interest, figure out if they have a PhD statistics program and finally figure out it they offer scholarships for international students. It would be nice to earn scholarships that cover the cost of living and studying in the school. In addition, applications to grad schools are not cheap; each one costing $50 on average.
        Also on my mind is the need for an internship this summer so that I can gain experience and make some money while waiting to start grad school. Finding an internship demands a lot of time searching online for paid summer internships. Unfortunately, all of the statistics internships I’ve found so far require at least a Masters. This has forced me to use my economics major in search for one. This is promising so far.
        Resume, cover letter, personal statement and GREs are all craving for my attention. This looks overwhelming and in some days, I do feel overwhelmed. But I then tell myself that a journey begins with a single step. The Career Center at Luther College has helped to reduce and share the load on my shoulders. Thankfully, their assistance has helped me focus on my academics - the vital task at this moment in time.

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