Joining an Immersion

For the start of my Freshman year, I decided to join the Early Immersion program before school even started. I'd like to take some time to tell you what an Immersion trip is and why it is such a good idea. Firstly, an Immersion trip is a trip that is run by the school, where you move in a week early, meet up with other freshman in your group, and venture out and bond for a week. This is a FANTASTIC way to meet people right off the bat and be way ahead of the other First years moving in a week later. By the time the week was over and we settled back, we felt so much more at home than those just moving in and I had already made a close group of friends. There are all kinds of Immersion trips you can do. The one I participated in was canoeing the Upper Iowa River, but there is also a biking one, boundary waters where you go up to the Canadian border and backpack/camp for a week, Yellow River canoe trip, North Shore, and a few others. For the Upper Iowa River, we were driven up and dropped off on the Iowa-Minnesota border and canoed from campsite to campsite for a week; bonding with each other and seeing the gorgeous northeastern Iowa country. There were so many beautiful scenes it was ridiculous!. I understand that the $200 fee may seem like a lot to spend, but I guarantee you it is a great investment. The Immersion trip has prepared me more for life at Luther than anything else I can think of. Definitely look into it! Sing Well ~Stephen

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