This is only my third blog of the semester and already the craziness has ensued. Between my anatomy class that is taking way more time than I thought, my senior paper which already feels behind schedule and everything in between, it is sometimes hard to put things in perspective and keep calm.

    My homework is on the brink of overload this semester, what with a required lab course and a senior paper to write. Lab classes not only take more class time, but for someone who hasn’t had a science class since, ahem... Sophomore year of high school, taking multiple choice quizzes about nuclei is a far cry from the comfort of Communication Studies. Outside of my studies, symphony is ramping up for our first concert next weekend, and piano is always a daily responsibility. Water Street Music Series’ second event of the season is now less than two weeks away... Uff da.

    Through all the crazy this week, I had a horrible string of thoughts: Why am I doing so many things? What was I thinking when I took on these courses, plus symphony commitments, plus Water Street Music Series responsibilities? What would happen if I dropped my senior paper now? How am I supposed to practice piano daily? How am I even supposed to have time to EAT?!

    Yes, as I’m sure you can tell, it got a little dramatic this week. Then, I had my piano lesson. I left my lesson in an infinitely better mood than I came in. The next day, I went to symphony rehearsal. I laughed and played and, once again, left in an even better state than when I started. Even though these extra things take time and make each day a jumble of activities to balance, they are a much needed break from the crazy, and I am sorry that I ever doubted their importance.

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