September: The Start of the Semester

In some ways, it's really hard to believe that it's not even October yet. I've done so many things in the past 29 days that I've been on campus that it seems like it's been almost an entire semester. But that's pretty much just the nature of college: we all do so many things, go so many places, and see so many people - it's constant stimulation, and it definitely stretches out the days and makes them feel a lot longer than the ones I spent at home this summer. Some days this feels like a bad thing, but sometimes I really like it.

Here are a few of the many things I've done over the past month!

  • Visited the new Luther pool 
  • Helped organize a Food Council informational meeting
  • Created a group dance off of a still-life by Phyllis Yes
  • Visited the Whippy Dip ... a few times 
  • Met with my dance professor and talked about pursuing a major
  • Took and scored a psychological development assessment
  • Wrote 3 papers
  • Saw my high school cross country team run at the All American Cross Country Meet here at Luther
  • Started a Yoga Teacher Training program
  • Learned how to put air into the tires of my car
  • Spent a solid 25 minutes changing the sheets on my lofted bed
  • Attended a colloquium that integrated dance and science
  • Switched out of my Spanish class into a second Psych class
  • Had the flu
  • Joined Psychology Club and went to a meeting
  • Used the new sandwich toasting machine in the cafeteria (practically every day)
  • Did mindfulness meditation practices for homework (and loved every second of it)
  • Filled an entire blue book during an American Politics exam
  • Played a few crazy games of Telestrations

As you can tell, a lot has gone down so far in September. Next week I have a test in every class (which kind of leaves me wanting to curl up into a ball and just sleep until they're over), but October is sure to bring lots more fun my way.. starting with my birthday on the 1st!

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