Irony of School

Throughout the whole summer I was anxious and excited for school to start, and I still cannot figure out why. I am not sure if it was because I was officially half way done with college and I was now looked at as a “veteran” on campus. Maybe it was because I was in Decorah and by association I thought I should be going to class and learning. Or maybe it was something completely different. Whatever it was, I am so glad classes are here and everything is in full swing. After a tough sophomore year I have start this semester with new wisdom and better attitude. Looking back on last year taught me a lot about dealing with stress. Stress is an inevitable thing when you are a college student, no matter how hard you try; you are guaranteed to be stressed out at some point. This summer was one of the most stress-free times of my life, and because of that I had plenty of time to reflect and learn from my mistakes. So, ironically, in my stress-free summer state I became excited to start school and become stressed. It sounds odd, but that just may have been why I wanted to start school. I wanted to prove to myself that I am going to conquer stress and use it to my advantage, and that’s the plan!

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