The Start of a Saga

Hello everyone! My name is Stephen Ster, and I'm a First year at Luther College. I was given the pleasure of an invite to participate in these blogs for my four years, and decided it would be a great adventure! For today I'll just start off with telling you a bit about myself. I am a music major here at Luther College, focusing on the vocal aspect and as for the moment looking into performance as a specialization. Due to this, I am a proud member of Norsemen Choir this year, and am looking forward to many great performances in the future! On top of this, I am a theater minor, acting in Luther's production of Proof this first weekend of October. On top of all this, I participate in National Forensics League (or am going to once it gets into motion!). I also was lucky enough to land a work study in the theater set shop on campus, which is much better than dinning services, I'm sure! I was lucky enough to participate in the First Year Immersion trip this year, which allowed me to move in a week early and canoe down the Upper Iowa River with other students and staff (which was an absolute blast!). Because of this, it feels like I have already been here for ages, despite us only having finished the second week of class. I apologize for the shortness of this first post, but duty calls and I must head to rehearsal. Please leave any questions you may have, and I look forward to sharing my wonderful journey at Luther College with all of you! Sing Well, ~Stephen

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