Water Street Music Series

In addition to my studies this year, I have taken on the role of co-director for Water Street Music Series, a small organization started by two Luther students in 2012. Now in its second season, Water Street Music Series provides affordable concerts and events, with unique collaborations between Luther faculty and students and Decorah community members. In short, we make awesome music happen in unique places all around Decorah.

    Planning for season 2 began in March when Kate, the other co-director, and I were taken on to the WSMS team by Dan and Lindsay, the co-founders. With their guidance, Kate and I began to plan season 2. Between the Decorah and Luther communities, there are endless possibilities for collaborations in every genre of music, making the programming difficult only in the choosing! Deciding on six concerts throughout the school year, Kate and I spent our summer outside of our “real” jobs (nope, this isn’t a paid gig) planning, creating, brainstorming, and number-crunching. I wish this could be my real job, let me tell ya!

    Let’s also remember that this whole summer I was in Wenatchee, WA, while Kate held down the fort in Decorah... And even Dan and Lindsay were off in Washington, DC, at their fabulous internships. SO, needless to say, technology was a huge factor in our communication. Google Chat is my new favorite thing, and I have never checked my email more.

    I arrived in Decorah six days before our first event, “On the Water with Foot-Notes.” Foot-Notes is a local folk trio who rock the Highlandville School House, among other venues, with their dancing tunes. Kate’s brilliant idea was to have a dance/concert outside at the Trout Run Trailhead. With the backdrop of the Iowa River and the prairie beyond, even a little rain couldn’t keep us from having a wonderful time. Read more about the event here: http://www.wsmsdecorah.org/apps/blog

    Considering that this type of work is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life, it makes me a happy camper to come home after a long day of school and work on this for fun. Even though it gets crazy between school, music ensemble commitments and WSMS, its wholly rewarding. Serving my Luther and Decorah community in such a way couldn’t be any more worth it.

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