The Luther College Cross Country Train

After November 17, 2012 in Terre Haute, Ind the Luther College Cross Country train was broken down into pieces. The great Pasche engineers decided that it was time for the parts to be remodeled.

        During summer, remodeling began. Most the parts were in different places in the US and some decided to go beyond the US borders. They pounded the paved roads and trails with the goal of eliminating all faults and getting ready to be part of the 2013 LCXC train. Some parts experienced excruciating pain of cold water and the pain of rolling tight muscles with the aim of getting ready for another exciting run the following day. Others had no choice but to overcome the force of gravity under their bed early in the morning trying to dodge the heat and not miss work.

        All the parts came together not long ago and the train was put together by the engineers with the assistance of another great engineer, E. Spoon. Mmmm!!!!!!!!! I have never seen such a good looking train; Japan has nothing compared to the LCXC train. The ride is smooth and ours go NORSE!! NORSE!! The coat is white and blue, the engine is clean and shinny with new parts that have NORSE all over. This is a very EFFICIENT train. On special occasions, meets, the train gets tested in preparation for the big occasions, Conference, Regionals and the bonus Nationals. During these tests, one would see a nice good smile coming out of a perfectly groomed Norse beard and hear li li li li!!!!!! as the trains move up the field.

        After each test, all the imperfections are perfected making sure that no stone is left unturned.

                            We are LCXC train, WOOOOOOOSHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

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