Back at Luther

It's a little strange how comforting this little blogging window is to me. I know exactly what to do here, and watching my letters fill up the page is unexpectedly therapeutic. Something about the boxes and links are familiar, expected, and just right.

As weird as that might sound, I've been having a lot of these experiences since returning to Luther this fall. The comforting experiences often seem to catch me off-guard, as so much of what I do here at Luther has become second-nature by my second year.

As I walked out of the library earlier this afternoon, I held the door open for a few people walking out just behind me. The action isn't something I think about anymore - it isn't me trying to be curteous or to make a good impression, it's just what you do when you're at Luther. It turns out the people behind me were a mom and a perspective student. The mother quickly exclaimed how "incredibly kind" it was for me to have held the door for her a her daughter. But really, it wasn't anything I did. It's just Luther.

The sense of community here is so imminent that I often forget about it, but when I returned to campus this fall I was struck by the uniqueness of it once again. I can't walk anywhere on campus without bumping into people to say hi to or catch up with. I can walk into the cafeteria by myself and know I'll immediately find someone that I can sit with. In fact, I ate breakfast with three different groups of people today, all who stumbling in and out before starting their day, just wanting to catch up. Walking to class, I'm often greeted by past professors who still remember me by name. Again, I normally don't really think about these things. It's just Luther.

Despite having a new roommate, a new room, and a new dorm, everything about my living atmosphere is already so comfortable to me. I feel as though I've been living in this room for forever - it's cozy, comfortable, home-like. I love being able to walk down the hall and into the rooms of my closest friends. I love giggling late into the night with my roommate before we are ready to fall asleep. But these are all things that are easy to take for granted, because, well, it's just Luther.

Returning to campus this year felt so comfortable and so right. Although I never hated Luther at all last year, the start of this year has been infinitely times better. It's comfortable, it's right - I know how it fits to me and I fit to it. And that feels good. 

But you can count on this liberal arts education to rock my whole perception of the world pretty darn soon.

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