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     I absolutely love school. I thrive off the slight anxiety the first day carries with it, where new classes and new syllabi abound. I enjoy the seasonal change that accompanies it, the loss of summer heat into autumn chill. Coming from a household with two teachers as parents, up until about age 7, I thought the literal beginning of the calendar year was September. Yes, it sounds silly, but that’s how much my family revolves around school, and we all love it.

     So, as I begin my senior year of college, my last year of school for the foreseeable future, I immediately make a list of “lasts.” Last first day of school, last symphony audition, last this, last that... And then I realize, what if they don’t have to be “lasts?” I am not talking about graduate school, or becoming a teacher, I’m talking about living your life as a student. Students are always learning, searching and trying new things. We are immersed in different subjects simultaneously, constantly transitioning and adapting to new classes and situations. Nobody wants to be stuck in a job where you are doing the same thing everyday, staring into the computer, waiting for the little hand to hit the five. I know I crave variety, just like a student.

     What if, after graduation, I teach piano or cello on the side of my (cross your fingers) job? What if I decide to audition for that orchestra, even though it may be just out of reach? What if I decide to move somewhere totally different than I planned? Well, if there’s one thing a liberal arts education can teach, it’s to be a good student, always searching and always learning. And being a good student is exactly what I want to be when I grow up.

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  • September 14 2013 at 12:49 pm
    You write well and in this blog it's as if you grew up all of a sudden. Hope your year is great and I'm sure you will make it happen . When you reach 82 doing the same thing everyday isn't all that bad and you'll accept that as well when you get there. Love you!!! Your proud Grandma.

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