Things to Bring to College

Spring has finally arrived here in Decorah, and just in time - one week from today I will be at home enjoying my very first night of summer! The nice weather has been the perfect excuse for a study break, making studying for finals seem a lot more enjoyable (albeit a lot less productive).

 I know last week was the deadline for committing to certain schools, and so I thought I would write this week's post on what to bring (and not to bring!) with you to Luther. Hopefully this list will be helpful for those of you who will be joining us at Luther next year (and for your parents!)

Things to Bring

1. Healthy Snacks

I eat way more snacks than I thought I would! The caf remodel this summer will give us lots of options for meals next year, but I always find myself hungry between meals. I recommend fruit, popcorn, Greek yogurt, and granola bars.

2. Things to Do

Do you like playing board games? Throwing around a frisbee? Going longboarding? Doing crafts? Laying on a blanket outside in the sun? Bring these things to college! While you're always busy, you always have a lot of free time, too. And when the weather is nice, all Luther kids are outside!

3. Workout Wear

This one is mostly for girls, but I've noticed that TONS of Luther girls wear baseball hats and/or stretchy yoga capris in the spring and fall. I love living on a campus where it's perfectly acceptable to go to class in running shorts or sweatpants - but it's also perfectly normal to go in a maxi or skirt. No judgments = awesome.

4. Door stopper

Everyone keeps their door open the first few weeks of the semester - and a lot of people even longer than that. Of course, that's hard to do if you forget to bring a door stopper! 

5. Bed Risers

My roommate and I used bed-risers to pseudo-loft our beds (you can actually loft beds in Brandt and Olson, but not Ylvi), and I know a lot of other people who used them to make their futons taller (which makes them feel a lot more like couches and a lot less like cheap college furniture).

6. Extra mittens

It gets cold in Decorah in the winter! I lost my mittens one week when the temperature was below zero and it was not fun! While the bookstore always carries stuff like this, it's nice to always have an extra pair around.

7.  Pillow Cushion Thing

I have no idea what these things are actually called (see images to know what I'm talking about), but I bought mine in over fall break and ending up using it all the time. It's good for reading in bed, pretending to do homework in bed, watching Netflix on the floor, whatever.

8. Command Strips

I used so many of these things, I cannot even begin to tell you - I hung up my towels, winter jacket, bath robe, and extra sweatshirts with these things. I hung up a banner over the windows. I hung up a mirror using the Velcro ones. I also hung a framed poster over my bed with one that had hooks for the hangers. Really, though, I probably was using 20 at any given time (props to my mom for knowing to buy that many!).

9. Cash

Whippy Dip doesn't accept debit cards. ;)


Things Not to Bring

1. All of your clothes

The breaks at Luther are set up in a way where it's easy to switch out your clothes - you can switch out your shorts for jeans and jackets during fall break, bring back a winter jacket over Thanksgiving, and stock up with heavy sweaters and scarves for January. You definitely don't need all of those things at the beginning of the year!

2. A printer

You get $20 every semester to spend on printing - five cents per page. (Don't tell anyone I told you, but if you run out of money, someone at the Help Desk in the library will magically find extra money to put on your account, no charge!)

3. Change

I saved all the quarters I got at my waitressing job during the last few weeks of summer because I thought I was going to need change to do laundry. Turns out, all of Luther's laundry is done using a card! (It did feel epic to put $218 of quarters into my savings account, though).

4. "Extra" School Supplies

I never used glue, white out, a three-hole punch, colored pencils, or anything like that.

(I used scissors, Sharpies, and tape only for non-school related things; I did use my stapler, highlighters, and sticky-markers for my school work really often).

5. Fear

Luther is a great place -- although starting college is super nerve-wracking, it turns out to be a really great experience. Luther staff will do everything they can to make sure Luther is a great place for you to live. And if you realize Luther isn't, Luther faculty are super resourceful in helping you transfer to another school - no judgment. Whatever happens, you're going to be fine. :)


Happy one week til summer! x

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