Where has the time gone?

As I am writing this I realize that I only have 1 full week left of the semester, and two weeks left of college. Where has the time gone? Where has the semester gone? I can’t believe that my time at Luther and in Decorah is quickly coming to an end.

This semester has been full of ups and downs. I keep going back and forth on whether or not I am ready to leave or if I don’t want this year to end. I think part of being a senior is to prepare you to move on to the next chapter of your life. Whether it is going to grad school, medical school, or finding a job. I think the feeling to be “ready” to move on is one that a lot of seniors are experiencing now, especially because we have been here for the past four years (give or take a few months). I am going to miss seeing some of my best friends everyday but I have no doubt that I will maintain contact with those that I choose to.

The crazy thing about life after graduation is how excited I am for my friends for what we have planned. I have friends going to Thailand and India to student teach in the fall, friends moving to California, Kansas City, Pennsylvania, Paris, and Colorado to pursue what they have been working so hard for these past four years. Our dreams are becoming closer to reality as we embark on new journeys after graduation.

Thus, I can safely say that I am ready to graduate, and ready to see where my career and life take me in Pennsylvania. I figure now is the perfect time to pick up my life and move to somewhere really far away. I have nothing holding me back, because once I start settling down somewhere my opportunity to move across the country becomes that much more limited.

As I go into this last week of classes, I am not sure what to think. Part of me still feels like it’s not coming to an end. It feels like another year down, finals are going to happen and then I will go home for summer vacation and come back in the Fall. I am not sure when it will hit me that I am not going to be coming back to Decorah, probably once I move, but maybe not. 

Either way, I am looking forward to spending these last two weeks in this little town that I never knew existed until I applied to Luther College roughly four and a half years ago.  Cheers to the last two weeks of my undergraduate college career.

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