Getting Things Figured Out

This past week has been all about getting things squared away for next year:

1. Registration

Last Tuesday I registered for my fall classes. I will be taking American Politics, a Spanish class focused on oral speaking, The Psychology of Health and Illness, and a dance class! I am happy with my schedule, even though it is a lot different from the "ideal" one I mentioned earlier. The best part about my schedule? No 8 am classes!

2. Room Draw

Tonight, I had my first room draw experience at Luther. Every student who will be living on-campus next year received a number based on the amount of credits they have at Luther. Then, you averaged your number with your roommate(s) and picked a dorm and a room to live in next year at the designated time for your averaged number. My roommate and I were lucky to have a good room draw number for first-years, and we ended up getting the room we had our eye on! A bunch of our friends will be living on the same floor as us, so I'm pretty excited to live there next year. (... and to not live in Ylvi anymore).

3. J-term

Next January, I'll be blogging from Jordan and Israel! I will be taking a Religion course titled "Crossing Jordan: Borders and Identity in Israel and Jordan". I'm thrilled to be able to travel over January - one of the reasons I chose to come to Luther was for the J-term experience. Because we only take one class during the month of January, a huge proportion of Luther students get the opportunity to travel! I'm hoping to study abroad more than once during my time at Luther, and I don't think that would be possible without having the option of J-term.

Other than these three things, life has been continuing on as normal. I only have six more days of class until finals, which makes me so eager for summer, but the small number of days left makes the amount of work I need to get done seem all the more daunting.

Of course, I still find the time to hang out with some friends, and to make rice krispy bars that are the size of my face.

See ya next time!

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