Goodbye, Washington! Hello, Washington!

I have been home in Washington for almost a week now, and the other Washington seems like a dream! Looking back on my experience, I could not have asked for a better internship. It was quite the adventure, so let me relate my last couple weeks in the nation’s capital.

    One of our last “field trips” was to the National Theatre on Pennsylvania Avenue, where we saw Spamalot, classic Monty Python humor and all. Though the theatre wasn’t very big, it was impressive just in its history. Since it is pretty much neighbors with the White House, multiple presidents have attended shows there, and the adventure to the Lincoln Memorial at night afterwards was fun, too!

    The last big gathering of the LCWS program was at Whitlow’s on Wilson, a restaurant not too far from our apartments. We had delicious milkshakes, the best spinach dip of my life, and a relaxing afternoon with friends. I don’t know anybody that wasn’t satisfied with their internship experience, and the gift of a program group picture will help us remember all the good times.

    The last week of my internship was crazy as usual as I finished up my last video project and said goodbye to everybody. Admittedly, I cried a tad on my way out the last day, but I think I will be back in the nation’s capital someday... For now, I am home for the summer and starting my summer job next week. Only four months until I return to Luther for (dun dun dun) SENIOR YEAR!

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