Sandra Peter's Last Shabang

Last night, Cathedral Choir performed their last concert of the year. But this concert was particularly emotional because it would be Sandra Peter’s last night conducting at Luther. If I may say so myself, we sang “stunningly”, as she would put it. We had just returned from our Midwest tour, which was a huge success. I think we all went into the trip feeling unprepared and unconfident. But our performances increased in caliber every time, and as a community, we all started to believe in each other and put our best foot foreward. I think we all started to realize, “Wait a minute, we’re actually quite good at this. If we all pour our hearts into this, we have the ability to create something really beautiful.” I think we reached our full potential several times toward the end of tour, and especially during our homecoming concert.
            The most special part of the concert was the part dedicated to Dr. Peter. The entire room went silent when we turned on the video made for her – a compilation of clips, each with a choir member describing Sandra in one word. That evening was just one glimpse of what a wonderful director she is and has been to so many students for decades. She has such a vibrant spirit that everyone in the room can feel it. Her energy and passion for life is contagious. She inspiring, and she makes a mark on everyone around her. No one teaches love like Sandra does. She is extremely admirable and yet at the same time she is honest, genuine and fearless about exposing her flaws. I think that if everyone strived to be like Sandra, the world would be a more peaceful place. She will be greatly missed around campus, but her legacy will always live on!

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