Freya Conquers Conferences

Two weeks ago, our FREYA Womens Ultimate team kicked some butt at Conferences! Even in the unbearable wind and rain, we tore up the IM fields, intimidating our defenders with our clever cuts and surprising our marks with our daring throws. This has been somewhat of a building year for FREYA, but during this tournament, we did not look like a beginner team at all. All of our player’s hearts were on the field every moment of every game, and the scores showed that commitment.

            We shut out three teams, and gave the two top teams at the tournament a run for their money. Sunday tested our strength as we battled through the freezing cold air and pouring rain that fell on our shivering bare hands, making it hard as ever to catch the disc. But we still won the game with flying colors, and went inside afterwards to warm up.
            Game after game proceeding that was cancelled, as every other team felt it was too dangerously cold to continue. After several forefits, FREYA arrived on the fields for our last game, and to our surprise, our final match had been cancelled as well!: “Congratualtions!” my coach exclaimed. “Congratulations for what?” I asked, perplexed. “You’re going to DI Regionals!”
            I could not be more overjoyed that our team has the opportunity to participate in this extremly high-level tournament. We have put in a lot of work this year and we absolutely deserve this experience. Extremely competitive teams qualify for this tournament, so next weekend will probably consist of the most trying, difficult games we have ever encountered, but this is exactly the kind of experience it takes for a young team to get better! FREYA possesses a quality that one can’t teach: heart. We have an unbelievable amount of potential for such a young team. I can’t wait to see where we go in the years to come!

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