Roadtrip out East!

This week is a short week for me because I am heading out to Pennsylvania with my dad to find myself an apartment for after graduation. I originally was going to wait until after graduation to figure out my housing situation. But I decided that I think my nerves will be at ease if I figure out my housing sooner rather than later.

So my dad and I are packing up the car and gearing up for the 20 hour drive from the cities (only 17 from Decorah!!) on Thursday. We are trying to do it all in one day, so it’s going to be A LOT of driving over the weekend. But regardless of all of the driving, I am pretty excited to see where I am going to be living for the next couple of years! I have never been to Pennsylvania but I have heard many good things about the area. Lots of camping, hiking, and outdoor recreation are in the area, so that is pretty exciting.

I am also excited to see where I will be working. Since my internship last summer was also in a Beef factory, I am familiar with the general layout of what a factory will look like. However, each factory is a little different and I am excited to finally see where I will be spending so much of my time in the future.  I am looking forward to meeting the people I will be working with and figuring out my bearings of the town that I will be living in. It will be a similar town to Decorah in the idea that it is fairly small and has a small Division 3 college in the town (there’s even a river that goes through the town!)

Either way I am sure it will be a rewarding trip and will make me pretty excited to start living on my own and have my own apartment. This is a big step in joining “adult world” and I couldn’t be more ready for it to finally happen. After three years of sharing a room, and a year of living with people in a house, I am ready to live on my own for a while.

I will keep you posted on the apartment I find (hopefully) and some pictures of the area where I will be living in!

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