The dedication of the Luther Faculty

As I was giving one a tour the other day it hit me that on my tours I talk so highly about the faculty and staff at Luther, but I have never really blogged about them. One of the biggest influences on my college career has been the faculty that I have got to work with throughout my four years at Luther. Part of the reason I am seeing so much success as far as internship opportunities and full time employment is because of the hard work and dedication that my professors have given to me. 

On numerous occasions, even as a freshman there have been countless situations where I have experienced Luther faculty going above and beyond to make sure their students succeed. During my freshman year, my Paideia instructor invited my entire class over to his house to experience Brazilian cuisine for the first time.  Numerous times during my sophomore year when I was taking chemistry, our professor would stay in his office until midnight every night before a test to answer questions that students had about the material that would be on our test. I have never had a professor sacrifice so much of their own time to help out their students. This really shows that the faculty is truly dedicated to their students and making sure they succeed in their class.

During my junior year, I applied for the Washington Semester Program where I had to get numerous r recommendation letters in order to be admitted to the program, and compete for some of the internships I was interviewing for. My professors wrote fabulous letters and I do think that they are part of the reason I was able to get my internship with C-SPAN last spring.

Now during my senior year, I have worked closely with a lot of the economics and business department faculty and have gotten to know them on a personal level. During the fall I was an assistant to my Human Resources Management professor, Richard Leake. He has so much life experience working in the Human Resources industry that his class included a lot of real world applications of HR topics. I often went into his office to discuss topics we covered in class, or just to chat about career advice and which moves I should be making in order to be successful in the industry. Professor Leake always had an open door policy and was very inviting whenever I sat down with him. Because of him I was confident that my decision to work for Cargill starting in June was the best possible thing I could do for my career at this point in my life.

I think that all of the Luther Faculty truly cares about the well-being of their students and their success while at Luther, and after Luther. I have numerous friends that can share similar stories like mine about professors going the extra mile for their students. I think that the dedication that the Faculty shows is what makes Luther a very unique place to study. Without the people that I have networked with and the opportunities that Luther and the Faculty have provided me with, it is safe to say that I don’t think I would be in the same position that I am in now.

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