Feelin' Touristy

    My time in the nation’s capital is rapidly coming to a close, but strangely it was this week that I felt like a tourist. With my family here, we hit all the major tourist spots including Georgetown multiple times, Alexandria and Mt. Vernon.

    Easter Sunday we attended mass at Washington National Cathedral, a very cool experience. Sitting way up in the “nosebleed section” aka the balcony, we were able to see all the way to the end of the cathedral. We spent the rest of the day exploring Alexandria and enjoying the cuisine at Bilbo Baggins restaurant. Monday and Tuesday my family was left to there own devices as I had to intern.

    Wednesday afternoon was an exploration to the Iwo Jima Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery, thankfully a very sunny day. The never-ending white headstones will never fail to amaze. Walking around left us all tired and hungry, so we ended the day in Georgetown filled up on Chipotle.

    Let me take this moment to note all the middle schoolers that are touring during their spring breaks to the nation’s capital, filling up the metro and the Mall. I remember touring at that age myself, and only now do I realize how imposing that many people can be on a city full of locals trying to get to work!

    Our Mt. Vernon trip wasn’t a traditional drive into Virginia. Instead, we took a cruise along the Potomac, docked at the property, and sailed back that afternoon. Although the trip started too early for my taste, it was very relaxing to see DC and Virginia from that perspective. I have been to Mt. Vernon before, but I feel like I learned more this time than the last from the tour. For example, Washington was 6’ 2” and his wife, Martha, special ordered his bed to fit his long frame. His manor also had nine guest rooms for the over 300 guests that stayed there annually.

    My family’s last full day in DC was the most ‘touristy’ of them all. After touring the Mall, again in the blessed sunshine, they headed to a Capitol Tour. Since I have already had this opportunity, I was left to take a nap along the Tidal Basin. Despite the lack of cherry blossoms, the basin was bustling with families and middle schoolers taking in the new Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial along with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s and Thomas Jefferson’s across the way. Ending my family’s stint in DC with a delicious dinner at an authentic English pub complete with a Big Ben Brownie was a perfect goodbye meal. Only one week left in this wonderful place!

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