Luther Professors: Professors that care

This semester I’m taking Introduction to Counseling. I’ve always loved the idea of someday being a counselor, so this class for me is just awesome! I seriously find everything that we learn about to be so interesting and cool!

What has made this class even better are the guest speakers that we’ve had every once in a while. These speakers come in to share the great things that they’ve done in the field of psychology and each offers very different ideas for what to do with a psychology major.

Recently we’ve had a clinical psychologist come in, as well as a psychology professor who told us all about her master’s program in addiction counseling. It has been so cool! I have learned so much about different routes that I could take, and it’s been such an exciting experience!

These guest speakers are a perfect demonstration of how much Luther College professors care about their students. I mean here is a professor who knowing that the majority of the students in his class are seniors facing big life questions, decided to invite friends of his who work in the field of psychology to speak to his students. He wants his students to do well, and so he does what he can to provide the resources and the ideas in order to help them. That is the kind of professors that one finds at Luther College, and I believe that that is one of the reasons that Luther students are so successful.

Time and time again during my time at Luther I have had outstanding professors who not only say, but show how much they care about their students. At Luther, you aren’t just a number, you’re an individual and your professors treat you as such. They work hard to arm you with the skills necessary to be successful, and in the case of my Introduction to Counseling professor, some even provide you with the resources and ideas in order to find a meaningful career.

Cheers ladies and gents :)

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