Cupcake Contest

  It is safe to say that Washington, D.C., is the land of cupcakes. Georgetown Cupcake takes the fame because of their popular TV show, but there are many other sweet boutiques; Baked & Wired, Crumbs and Sweet Lobby just to name a few. While my friends were visiting last week, we tried many cupcake places. So many, in fact, that we had a cupcake contest.    

Basic vanilla and birthday cake flavors are always winners, though nothing that simple could ever top the contest. Sweet Lobby has decent treats in this department. Next up would have to be the Red Velvet, though that’s probably due to my prejudice against the flavor in the first place. Sticking with the simple flavors, strawberry from Sprinkles is one of my favorites.

    Up until now, I probably haven’t said anything too extravagant in terms of cupcakes, but we are only getting started. An Elvis Presley-inspired cupcake exists at Sweet Lobby... Banana cupcake topped with delectable peanut butter frosting that melts in your mouth. At Baked & Wired, their Chai cupcake is topped with a chocolate-covered coffee bean, making the presentation complete. The coconut cupcake from Crumbs is tropical from top to bottom.

    The winner of our tasty contest was by far the white chocolate raspberry treat from Sweet Lobby. Fluffy raspberry frosting sprinkled with white chocolate shavings is only the beginning. The cake is filled with raspberry jam, a fruity explosion. My friends and I unknowingly split the cupcake in three pieces to taste, not realizing that we would each want our own! Let’s be honest though, is there any loser in a cupcake contest?

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