Is it warm ANYwhere on this planet?

This spring break, as is tradition, all of Luther’s ultimate frisbee teams hopped in their cars for a 20+ hour car ride to Statesboro, Georgia. Along the way, we ran into rain, ate more McDonalds than our stomachs could stand, concked out in the back seat, jammed to Macklemore and reviewed our offenses and defenses for the upcoming tournament. Finally, we arrived in sunny Georgia, which was at a balmy 55 degrees. (For us blizzard-stricken children, that was heaven!) We all piled out of the car, stretched, and did a few drills to loosen up our legs.

That night we camped out right on the fields. Though rain was in the forcast, we lucked out and didn’t get a drop. The next morning we awoke to the birds chirping and the cool morning air. It wasn’t as warm as we’d hoped, but we were still content that there wasn’t snow on the ground! We played as well as we could, for the girls who could come. Quite a few of our starting line players weren’t able to make this tournie, but this meant our beginners got a lot of experience! I was so pleased with the improvement everyone made throughout each game. The more we talked to them on the field, the better they understood where they were supposed to be and the more confident they became at those positions. Everyone played with heart and and every second they were on the field, they were in it 100 percent. Though we didn’t win any games (in our very tough pool, I might add), for the young team we brought, we played like champions. And to me, we won in our hearts!

All championship games continued on that same night – as we were expecting a tornado the following day. So our team cheered on our boys’ A and B teams, as they competed valiantly for the better part of the night. That night, we were smart, and moved our tent under the pavilion to avoid getting poured on. And boy, did it pour. So hard in fact that most teams woke up underwater! We fortunately only woke up to the sound of a tornado warning siren, and packed up our tents as soon as possible.

Next, we drove directly down to Tybee Island, under terrible weather conditions – the rain exploding diamonds all over the windshield, making it hard to see. But when we got to Tybee, it was sunny as ever, and we were sweltering in our sweatshirts! So we stripped down and headed to the beach for some funnin and sunnin.

Our house was absolutely beautiful – white with blue shutters and a big wrap-around porch; beds for every girl on our team even. And the rest of break consisted of a lot of getting to know each other, which was the most satisfying part I got out of break. One thing never improved however – the weather! After that warm Sunday, temperatures remained in the mid fifties for the rest of the week! We determinedly lay in our bikinis in hope of catching some rays, but couldn’t do so for long, before we were covered in goose bumps! Oh well – I suppose we saved ourselves from skin cancer this year…

I’m told the entire continental US is having the longest of winters, so I know I don’t have to feel too bad about my 50-degree spring break. It’s finally starting to show signs of spring here on campus and we must be






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