6 weeks left..

            I am back at school after a very relaxing and rewarding spring break. It was weird to think that on my drive back to Decorah, that this would be my last time making that drive as an official student at Luther College. Spring break was very relaxing. I spent majority of my days sleeping, running, and hanging out with friends and family.  One big thing that did happen was that I purchased my first car! I had been talking with my parents about getting a car for several months, and originally I was planning on getting my car after graduation. But, I just couldn’t wait any longer and I am beyond excited to have my car here for the last couple months left at Luther. I purchased a 2011 Toyota Rav4, which was the car that I had set me heart on when I first saw it. It’s got the perfect amount of storage space, and is an SUV, but not too big of an SUV. I think it fits me perfectly and I’m excited to show it off on campus and to my friends.

            With 6 weeks left in the semester it almost seems surreal. I can’t believe that my college career is coming to a close. Normally our spring break is lined up where the break is exactly halfway through the semester, however this year, our break lined up just over the halfway mark and resulted in us having only 6 weeks left in the semester after break. I have a feeling these next few weeks are going to fly by and before I know it May 19th will be here. I have pretty mixed emotions about graduating. One part of me is really excited for what happens next in my life. I am moving out to Pennsylvania, starting a new career, and kind of going on a mini adventure. I will be in an unfamiliar area and have to meet a whole new group of friends in my new home. I am excited and anxious for the adventures and challenges that are in my future, but I will also miss the place I have called home for the past 4 years.

            My classes are all keeping me fairly busy with papers and projects but I still find time to have fun. The weather is starting to become really nice and I have had my first two outdoor runs where I have worn shorts and a t-shirt!! I am excited for the temperature to keep rising that way my long runs will be bearable in the heat.  With the marathon only 2 months away, I have to step up the training a bit with more long runs and being more dedicated to my training program (which can be difficult when all you want to do is nap)

            It will be an exciting but quick 6 weeks and I will try my hardest to keep you updated on all the shenanigans that I partake in. After all, they say college is the best 4 years of your life, and I’m about to make these last 6 weeks count.

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