Spring Break 2013

Can you believe it's April already? After a winter that was much too cold and much too long, I am so happy to trade in my winter coat for a fleece jacket, and to actually enjoy my walks around campus rather than hurrying from building to building with hunched shoulders to avoid the cold. I just hope the sunshine sticks around!

I got back to campus late Monday night after spring break. While some of my friends headed to tropical locations and came back with a tan, I was stuck in Minnesota and and worked for a few days over my break (but I did come back with money!). I spent some time going shopping, doing homework, spending time with my family for Easter, and heading to my favorite spots in Northfield, but the majority of my break was spent in front of the TV watching Gossip Girl - and it felt so good to be lazy for a few days!!

Somehow, the 10-day break managed to go by incredibly quickly and all of a sudden I am back in the library, facing another long night of homework! However, the count-down is on until the last day of spring semester: only 26 more days of class!

 I hope you all had a nice Easter break and enjoyed some sunshine! x

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