Spring Cooking

It is that time of the year where one must either live by ordering food or cook. For me personally, I enjoying cooking but I wish someone would tell me what to cook.

However, I like the change of “assignments” during the breaks. Instead of homework assignment, I do stomach assignment during the evening, cook. The change of assignments makes me appreciate my family a lot. Without them I would not have learnt how to cook and I would have been suffering now. In my family, I was the worse cook, but they were patient enough to allow me to improve my cooking skills and start cooking edible food. My brother is the king of beans. Even my mom would sometimes ask him to cook beans while she cooks rice or porridge. I am salivating as I remember how good their food tastes. He does not have a special recipe; he just uses whatever is available at that time. My sister is a chicken wizard. On Sundays, my mom would wake her up early in the morning just to cook chicken. She was never happy about it but I always enjoyed the chicken. My dad does not cook at all. Now, here at Luther College, I cook for myself and for my friends. I still cook like they do at home; cook without a recipe. I simply use what is available and usually something good comes out.

In times like this I remember my mother saying, “my son cooking is not difficult. What is difficult is figuring out what to cook and what the people you are cooking for would enjoy.” I am glad I do not have to worry about the last statement. I always pray that when the time to eat comes, my friends are hungry enough not to tell if the food is good or bad. They say, when a person is really hungry, the food always tastes good. I cannot wait for the compliments!!!

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