The End is Near

With so many events coming up with the close of my semester in D.C., I can’t help but be a little anxious. Friends and family are coming to visit in the next few weeks and I am excited to escort them around a city which I have grown to know well. I will hopefully be taking them to a few shows at the Kennedy Center, and I have plenty of tasty restaurants picked out. My family and I will even be going on a cruise on the Potomac, stopping in Mt. Vernon before it’s return. Hopefully the spring weather arrives soon... I’m sick of this rain and wind!

    Some due dates are quickly approaching for LCWS Dean’s Requirements and final projects in both my classes. I am evaluating my internship so far, trying to be sure I have taken every morsel of experience I can from it. With only five weeks left, I know I will let something slip by me if I don’t start planning now! On top of my regular responsibilities, I have applied for multiple summer jobs. Various cover letters and versions of resumes are becoming a little easier to write, but it’s reminding me that this time next year will be even more intense... But let’s not even go there. For now, I’m going to relish these last few weeks of this experience.

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