The Best Dream Ever

Tonight I had one of the two best dreams in my life.

I dreamt that I went to visit my high school and saw my best friend Mathokoza Dlamini. We then went to town to buy food. At first we were confused on what to buy because we had not bought food together for a long time. I asked him if the beef soup was still being sold and he said yes. We decided to buy what we used to buy while we were in high school; potato fries, two loafs of bread and chicken. The super market, Spar, has expanded and they had big microwaves where you can warm your food if you think it is not warm enough. We decided to buy Macain baked fries, so we simple microwaved the fries and they were ready for our hungry stomachs. The next step was for me to find bread. I have not been in the store for about 2.5 years and it was being renovated. I walked all over the store but failed to find bread.  I had to ask one of the workers to help me finding it. When I got it, I got hungrier; Spar bread is the best bread I have ever eaten. It was warm and fresh from the oven. The smell made me to start salivating. Even though we had the money to buy soda this time, we decided not to. We were joking and laughing just like the good old days.

On our way to Spar, I saw some of my friends. They had good business and were managers. I had forgotten about how serious they take J-walking at home. So I j-walked and the moment I remembered, I tied my shoelaces and told myself that if one cop tries, he will have to catch me and I am a runner so he better be good.

On my next Dream, I was at school, Evelyn Baring High School where we had a reunion and most of my friends were also there. But this time the current student were there dressed up on their uniform. The prefects were wearing Khakis and white shirts while the rest were wearing khakis only. The alumni too were in khakis but the alumni that were prefect in high school we wearing khakis and white shirts. I saw all of the alumni that went to study abroad and those that have degree in engineering.  It was amazing to reunite with all of these guys in my dream. I could hear their voice, their laughter just like the good old days. It felt real and I did not even want to wake up. When I woke up, I tried going back to bed but I could not. I felt sad that I can’t see my friends, or least for the time being, but I was happy to see them in the dream. Some looked exactly the way they looked when I last saw them while some had grown up. They make me miss home more and make me want to go home now.  I have dreamt about being at home three times in a row now.  

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