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So a few weeks into doing research with a professor I came to the point in a scientist’s life where they begin to figure a lot of things out about the field. I am not talking about particular knowledge; rather I am talking about the nature of research. Just a day before my eye opening experience, my research professor was talking about a possible lab she was test-running for the introductory biology class. When talking about the difficulty of it she said “in science you need to be okay with failing; actually, you need to be expecting to fail.” When first hearing this I laughed and didn’t think too much about it. But the next day when I was doing a research project of my own I understood what she meant. As I was looking at my bacteria underneath the microscope some things started to go wrong with the slide, and the slide was ruined. Luckily, I had a duplicate I could use, but while preparing the slide, I broke it. I had lost all chance of looking at this specific bacterium under the scope. There were no lasting effects of my mistake, I will look at that bacterium again later on, but knowing what the nature of research is and how sometimes accidents happen and results don’t turn out how you would have liked, is really a life lesson. This clearly not only applies to research but rather life in general.

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