Spring...Where are you?

At first I didn’t understand why this weather was causing me to feel so unmotivated and well…sometimes, just miserable! But then I realized, I’ve never experieced a winter this long in my life, and that everyone else was just as miserable as me.

Let’s think about this. This time last yea, it was unbelievably warm out! In fact, I even did some over night camping in February, and the weather was beautiful! We were practicing for frisbee outdoors on a regular basis, I wore shorts a lot of days – it was sweatshirt weather at this point! Man, those were the days. I love this place in the spring – it’s heaven.

Don’t get me wrong, this place is beautiful in the winter too. The snow is unbelievably gorgeous, the way it outlines all the tree branched around campus. But last year was a false depiction of what most midwestern winters look like. I have been spoiled, and I have this skewed image in my head of how warm it is supposed to be by now. I’m impatient and in need of spring’s sweet, warm air. And yet, the snow keeps piling on, and the temperature keeps dipping into the harsh 20s. Even true midwesterners are starting to question where spring has gone. Will it ever return?

I sure hope so! Because right now, I’m having such trouble focusing. I want to be productive but I get to the library, take out all my materials to start working, and all I want to do is look outside and check to see if it’s spring yet! I can almost convince myself from third floor (where I can’t see the snowy ground) from the way the light reflects on the Olin building that it’s springtime last year. The days are getting longer, and the sun is shining – thankgoodness! But every time I’m fooled, as I look out and see people making snow men, or hurrying from building to building to find warmth. Aren’t we done with that phase yet, Iowa? Can’t we move on?

My take on all of this is that when it finally starts to warm up, I will be able to focus again. Right now I am restless and frustrated. But once the warm air starts flooding in I will feel energized and free and inspired to learn, read, write…

In the mean time, not everything is so bad after all, as I have a trip to Georgia to look forward to. The frisbee team has a tournament there, and then - Tybee Island here we come!!! – for some ‘funin and sunin’. I cannot wait! And hopefully when we return, the snow will have melted, Decorah will be green as ever and the sun will be shining on our eager faces.

So I guess the moral of the story is…If you ever think you’re suffering something alone, share it with someone. Chances are, you’re one of HUNDREDS on campus who are going through the same thing! And as terrible as this sounds - for some reason, knowing that everyone else is suffering with me makes life a whole lot easier.


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