The End of Fit & Well + A Choir Concert

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed my Fit & Well class this semester - I dabbled with dance throughout high school and always really enjoyed it, and being able to dip my feet back into it felt really great. The overarching message of the Fit & Well program also really resonated with me: that all seven aspects of wellness (intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, social, environmental, and occupational) are essential to living a balanced, happy, and wholesome life. Put in another way: you gotta take care of yourself at college and do things for FUN and just for you, because otherwise the studying will drive you crazy.

For my Fit & Well class, we had to make seven goals for ourselves related to all seven areas of wellness. My goal for my intellectual wellbeing is to attend more lectures/concerts/etc. simply for the sake of learning - not for a grade. Yesterday I did just that and attended the Collegiate Choir Homecoming Concert!

I fell in love with Collegiate Choir when they sang "Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming" at Christmas at Luther this past year, and I was so excited to get to hear more of the choir. They definitely did not disappoint, and I thought the concert had a good variety of music that captured my attention and left me with goosebumps more than once! My favorite piece of the concert was titled "David's Lamentation" and was actually composed by 2003 Luther graduate Joshua Shank. It was hauntingly beautiful and so sad - but in the best of ways.

 Only seven (stressful) school-days until spring break - wish me luck!

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