Let's Talk about the Weather

    This week was like any other week. Four work days, more projects and a bit of studying. However, the National Weather Service warned the entire DC area starting on Monday for a large storm hitting the city (and most of the eastern seaboard) on Wednesday. Quickly dubbed the “snowquester” on all social media, everything shut down Wednesday morning... Before any snow arrived. Said to be the worst around 10 am, the government and most of the city closed because of the impending danger. Both of my classes and the program trip to the Newseum were cancelled and my roommates and I were ready to watch the snow accumulate from the comfort of our couch. Well, 10 am came, and there was  no accumulation. A few hours later, still just rain. By 5 pm, absolutely no snow. Our snow day had turned into a rain day. Not that I am complaining, a day off to watch too much TV and do laundry was definitely in order, but I’m sure the Midwest was laughing at us from afar.

    This weekend, it seems spring has arrived and the “snowquester” is long forgotten. The temperature approached 60 today, with the sun making even the Potomac sparkle. Wandering around Georgetown made me thirsty for spring, I hope it is here to stay! No more snowquester scares, ok D.C.?

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