Research is great!

At the beginning of this semester I got an awesome opportunity to work with a professor on microbiology research. Since most non-biologists find my research to be boring and confusing, which it definitely isn’t, I won’t do a lot of detailed explaining of it. Basically we are studying how Calcium affects how our bacterium acts. We want to know what it will do if there is a lot of Calcium or very little Calcium, and we want to know how and why it acts the way it does.

At Luther we always talk about getting the opportunity to get close to our professors in a way that big institutions don’t allow. I was able to feel this before but I now feel it more than ever. I realize that if I was at a large university there is no way I would be doing research with a professor. I would be competing with graduate students, people who would have four to six years more education than me. But at Luther we are completely undergraduate, and therefore the only people I would compete against for a research position are my peers. It’s not like each professor has a 100 students wanting to work with him or her, but sometimes you get turned down. I know last year I had to talk to three professors before I found one who was taking students. But now that I am working with one I have the great opportunity to work side by side with a professor and learn so much about what we are studying and the field of biology in general. It’s great how many opportunities Luther can present.  

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