Rec. Sports and Blaclight Volleyball

One of the things I spend my evenings doing is participating in intramural sports here on campus. It’s a good way to get together with your friends on campus and take a break from studying.

This spring I am on an indoor 4v4 volleyball team and it has been quite an experience. My teammates are very competitive and you can tell that we really mean business when we are playing. Last night we played our biggest competition and it was a close match, but we unfortunately couldn’t win.

On Thursday there is a tournament between all of the teams in the league and I think my team is looking to a friendly rematch.

Recreational sports offers a variety of different intramurals on campus ranging from soccer, volleyball, pickleball, tennis, broomball, and softball to name a few. They also have a mix of special events on campus as well like a Blacklight volleyball tournament, half marathons, and Easter egg hunts. Rec sports are available to all students on campus, and a large number of students participate each semester. There is usually a sport for any athletic ability.

The blacklight volleyball tournament is on Friday and I am pretty excited for it. They take our regular gym and replace the lights with blacklights. It’s a pretty fun tournament, but definitely challenging. I am looking forward to wearing my neon and white clothing that way I glow very brightly. The hardest part about the tournament is that you can’t entirely see the ball when it gets hit at you, and it’s hard to tell where your teammates are in the dark.

Either way, it should be an exciting weekend filled with intramural sports to make the week pass by even faster than it already is.

 I will try and take some pictures of the blacklight volleyball tournament this weekend that way you can see what it is all about!

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