Is my body falling apart?

It feels like only a few days ago that I was PRing regularly at track meets and winning MVP awards for my frisbee team. “I was a real athelete during my high school years” - I feel like boasting like an elderly grandma preeching from her rocking chair. But it’s true! Recently, I’ve felt like every time I work out or go to frisbee practice, I hurt myself! I’m noticing that I’m just a little less agile and energetic, and it takes me a while to recover from intensive activities.
            Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with Plica Syndrome (soft tissue inflamation around the knee cap) and the other day while throwing a backhand at frisbee practice, I pulled a muscle in my shoulder! With my 21st birthday promptly looming over me (this Thursday) and these constant injuries, I feel like I’m getting old – and fast! Who knew the 20s were so hard! (Haha – I know, I’ve got a long way to go if I think this is bad!)

            In related news, last weekend, the Womens Ultimate Frisbee Team played an indoor tournament in Iowa City. I decided to play a lot and surprised myself with what I could do, but boy did it take my body time to recover from that! In case you were curious, Luther came in 5th – not bad at all for the first tournament of the season!

            So, a word of advice for all you youngins reading this blog today...Only do workouts you know you can do, lift weights and stretch a lot to avoid injury! I suffered the consequences for not doing these things!

Happy Monday and have a wonderful week!


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