Information Age

    This week I joined the almost 20% of people who drop their phones in the toilet. I am the owner of an iPhone, and a lover of all things Apple, no shame. I have had a smart phone for almost two years and this accident was a wake-up call to how much I use my phone, as well as a reminder that it certainly is not essential to my life.

    My cell phone, most importantly, connects me to my family who is far away and makes me feel secure. I know that if something happens to my loved ones, I am seconds away from a phone call, even a video chat, to get immediate information. Similarly, as I commute to work by myself, my phone is always on my person in case of emergency. Any reason to have an iPhone beyond these, to me, is simple convenience.

    Although I was without a phone for less than 24 hours, I am much more conscience of my use. In fact, as I downloaded apps on to my new phone, I realized that I could not remember half the ones I had before! Here’s hoping we get our eyes off our screens a little more.

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  • July 18 2014 at 6:39 pm

    same with me, my cellphones android most importantly, I must carefully

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