The Joys of Work-Study

Oh, the joys of work study.

It sounds sarcastic, but seriously work-study can have such an influence on your time at Luther! For the past four years I have been fortunate enough to have an awesome job here on campus. With it came not just some extra help with tuition (that’s always nice), but I also learned so many skills and gained an office-family in the process.

As a first year I was originally assigned to work in the cafeteria. For some kids this is great, but I had just spent 3 years working in a deli… so we can say I was less than thrilled. This is when a miracle happened. One day I received an email from Julie Shockey saying that she had seen one of my articles in the Rochester Post Bulletin and she was wondering if I would be interested in work-study as a student news writer! I still remember the day I got that message. I was so excited!

I obviously accepted and for the first year and a half, plus during the summer, I worked as a student news writer in the Public Information Office at Luther College. It was through this that I met so many amazing people that became close friends and practically family. I also learned in that first year and a half how to write and distribute news releases. I learned the ins and outs of the Public Information Office. It was all so much fun!

After a year and a half working as a news writer, my boss, Jerry asked me if I would be interested in working as a videographer. I accepted! I was ready to learn something new and this sounded like so much fun! I was a videographer for one semester plus two summers. During this time I created around 8-10 short videos about exciting news and happenings at Luther! It was so much fun to work on these! Through it I learned how to use various video cameras, conduct interviews, take footage and edit on Final Cut. I even had the opportunity at the 2011 Noble Peace Prize Forum to shadow and help a professional videographer! I even met Shirin Ebadi while I was in the media room helping out! It was so much fun!

For my senior year, I was faced with yet another fun challenge. This time I was given the roll as Photo Bureau student head. This is just another one of the bureaus in the same office, so I can now say that I have been a part of all three! This year I’ve been busy managing the email, Flickr site, emails and learning about photography as well! It’s been a lot of fun! It’s also given me the chance to be in a manager position, which has been new and exciting for me!

Through my time at Luther, the Public Information Office has changed quite a bit. It’s now officially called the Luther Campus News and Visual Media Office.  One of our awesome non-student employees has transferred out and been replaced by yet another awesome employee. My boss, Jerry, retired after 25 years working at Luther College. His job was filled by Aaron Lurth, who luckily fits right in with the PI Office family. Through all of the changes I have continually had a great time in that office and I have just learned so much!

It was even through my connections at my job in the PI Office that I was able to start blogging for Luther when I was abroad in the Nottingham program. It just continues to open up doors!

So for those of you incoming first years that are fretting about work-study—explore your options! There are so many great work-study opportunities on campus! These work-study positions give you access to all kinds of different learning experiences and mentors! It’s incredible what you can learn outside of the classroom and at your work-study job!

Cheers ladies and gents :)

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