An Update From Pottery Class

As the semester goes on I am spending more and more time in the pottery studio. Each week I have approximately 8 Hours of class time in the pottery studio and I probably spend about 5-6 more extra hours on my own in the studio. Needless to say, I have been spending a majority of my time in there trying to perfect my art.

Each week we have an assignment for the week for what we need to create. Our first week we were tasked to make bowls. We were given two weeks to create 10 bowls on the wheel, and trust me I needed all 2 of those weeks…and I still only had 6 bowls that I was happy with.

I fired a couple of my “best” bowls, and then glazed them and they turned out pretty decent for my first time. People keep asking me how I got a certain color on my glaze and I stare at them blankly and tell them that I have no clue. I was literally just dipping my bowls into colors that sounded cool and this turquoise-like color appeared.

Our 2nd assignment was to make cylinder shaped items that had to be taller than they were wide. I found myself excelling at these shapes much easier than the bowls. It was a sigh of relief that I could actually make something and be happy with what I produced.

This week we are tasked to make mugs and pitchers. I am finding myself making a variety of different shaped mugs in the first couple of days, but I am getting pretty nervous to make pitchers (they seem really tough and require a lot of patience). I am looking forward to seeing what kinds of creations that I come up with.

I took this class to have a break in my day, and also learn a new skill. It is definitely challenging me, but sometimes it is nice to just go into the studio, blast some music, and throw some pottery. It is really therapeutic to just forget about everything else that you have to do and just focus on pottery.

Some later assignments that we have to do in class include making a historical replica of a piece, vases, teapots, and lidded jars. I hear making lids is pretty hard, but I guess I am up to the challenge!

I am excited to see what my work looks like from the beginning of the semester and the end of the semester. I can already sense that I am improving every day. I can’t wait to see the comparison. 

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