A theatrical weekend

In the words of Shakespeare: “All the world’s a stage.” This weekend this seemed so true because I was able to attend two amazing performances! It was a very theatrical weekend for me.

Friday night I went to the Center Stage Series performance of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” in the Center for Faith and Life Main Hall. It was an incredible performance! It was very interesting to see the stage made up for the performance too. They brought in so much for the performance and the CFL looked so different because of it!

The performance was done by the Acting Company which had it’s opening at the Guthrie Theater. The play was so entertaining! I was laughing so hard throughout the performance. The story of Rosalind and Orlando just never gets old and they did such an amazing job of capturing it on stage!

Saturday night I went to the Vagina Monologues show on campus. Vagina Monologues, for those of you who have never attended, is a show for a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls. It is comprised of various monologues based off of interviews with real women about womanhood and their vaginas. It is always a very moving performance.

I had quite a few friends in the performance this year so it was really fun to watch. It was also very interesting watching it here in the U.S. as opposed to back in Nottingham, U.K. last year. It was the same words and ideas, but they seemed to take on a completely different life in each place. That’s one of the great things about the Vagina Monologues. Although it’s the same performance every year… it isn’t! The women who do it always add a piece of themselves to it, and it almost completely changes the performance! It’s always fun to go to! It’s such a moving experience as well because of the fact that each monologue is so different from the others. In the span of the show I was laughing, crying and feeling so many different emotions!

Cheers ladies and gents :)

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