I Finaly had The Guts To Do It

I have heard my teammates and coaches talking about aqua running. All I knew was that aqua running has to do with a person running in water. The mentioning of the word water scared the living daylights out of me.

Finally last Sunday, 3 February 2013, I heard that some of my friends were going aqua running. I do not know what got into me, but I asked if I can join them, and they said yeah. I had mixed feelings; I was happily scared, but I wanted to face my fears and enjoy the benefits of aqua running. The main problem is that I cannot swim, and I have had two instances in my life where I almost drowned, so I had enough reasons to fear something that almost took my life.

As I was in the locker room, all the reasons why I should not join my friends for the workout came up. I thought of telling them that I was just going to bike for 60 min instead of aqua running. As I was changing in the locker room I was quietly thinking about what I was about to do and my experience with water. I had told my friends that I am scared and I cannot swim and they simply encouraged me to join them, because I would put on the swim belt which would make me float. At the end, I decided to join them.  

When we got to the pool, the ladies were already doing the workout. They were all giggly and looked happy. Their relaxed smiley faces convinced me that it was just going to be a walk in the park. However, it was the other way round. My main concern was drowning. First I put on the swim belt, but I doubted if it was going to be enough to keep me floating. So, I went into the water expecting to float before I let go of the edge of the pool. Sam told me that I could put on another belt if I did not feel safe. Without a second thought I went to get another one and I felt safe.

The last challenge was breathing properly. It was hard because I was thinking about what would happen if the swim belt came off, and I always have a hard time breathing when I am under water. I was the only one in the pool with a worried, tired looking face. Jayne was really concerned if I was feeling okay because I did not look like I was having a good time. I kept saying yes, but I was having a hard time. I was in the pool for 30min and I was happy with myself. I went back alone on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and felt great. I will continue doing aqua running, and I think it’s high time I start learning how to swim.


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