My First Food Council Meeting

This semester, I am a part of Luther's Food Council, which is a student-led advisory board to dining facilities for the college. The group works with nutritionists, the culinary team at Luther, Sodexo, and many other groups to provide nutritious and tasty food, as well as a pleasant dining experience, for students and staff.

I joined the group because I have an interest in nutrition, healthy living, and wellness, and after only a few meetings I am already happy with my decision! Last night, the Food Council attended the Student Senate meeting where changes were proposed for the dining facilities for next year. The tentative changes look really great - if you're thinking about coming to Luther, I think you'll be really pleased with the changes and additions that will be made!

I think it's awesome that Luther has groups such as this where students are able to be a part of the decision making process of what goes on at a higher level at Luther. The faculty and staff really value students' input, and they strive to make Luther the best place possible both for studying and for everything else! I love that I can be apart of a group like this - I'm not sure if many other schools offer opportunities like these for students!


Have a happy Valentine's day! I had to share the card I received from my mom earlier this week - it's so sweet!


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