Two months. That is how long it has been since I have touched a piano. I am sorry to say it has been even longer since I picked up my cello... Don’t tell my music teachers, shhh! After the end of fall semester, I was definitely in vacation mode. No excuse, but sometimes you just need a break. Now that I am in DC, my focus has been my internship, and with no immediate access to blessed Jenson-Noble, my music has been lacking to say the least. I am even more sorry to admit that I have not missed playing music as much as I thought I would... Otherwise I would have played more by now, right?

    In this reflection, I think I have found the replacement for music in my life, at least for now: my internship. Somehow working for and around musicians and arts-lovers all day is the daily supplement I need. This fact is both comforting and terrifying. It gives me a deep calm to know that I (cross my fingers) have found my vocation. The missing music in my life is also terrifying because it has been there, well, forever. More than two months without a practice sessions, no matter how much I despised it at times, is just plain unusual for me. Until I can find the time and resources for some rare time with a piano, I will be content with the opportunities music has given me, in every form.

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