A worthwhile experience

One of the most unique experiences that Luther students have is the opportunity to take a course called Adaptive P.E. It is a course offered to all Luther students where students with different disabilities in the Decorah, and Northeast Iowa area come to Luther College once a week to participate in all sorts of physical education activities.

The way the course is set up is that on each day (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) a different group of students come to campus and are paired up with either one or two Luther students.  So in most situations each Luther student is paired up with a different student for each day of the week, but you continue to work with that student every week.

Today concluded a full week cycle for matching up with our adaptive P.E. Buddies. I have the opportunity to work with three boys that are a pleasure to work with.  On Friday, I got to swim with one of my buddies and he smiled from cheek to cheek the entire time. I could tell he was having a great time, and it was really cool to see how much 40 minutes spent in the pool can change someone’s mood for the entire day.

On Monday, my buddy was full of energy and we spent our time riding bikes, bowling, and playing racquetball. He had a lot of excitement and was curious about everything. It will be fun to see how our pool days go; I bet he is a good swimmer so hopefully we can get in the deep end.

Today, I got to go into the pool again and I spent my time swimming in the deep end with my new buddy that I met today.  He was quiet, but very friendly and took awhile to open up to me. However, by the end of our time together he was laughing and smiling.

I think this class will be a very enjoyable one. It is cool to see how a little interaction and exercise can change someone’s day entirely. I  am definitely in a better mood after I spend time with my buddies, and I hope that they are too. I am looking forward to seeing what activities and games I play with my buddies as the semester goes on. So far it has been a worthwhile experience and it’s only the 2nd week.

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