Second Semester Senior Year

I have been back at Luther for a week and a half or so and it still feels like I am on winter vacation. We had our first full week of classes this past week, and it was definitely hard getting used to a routine again.

This semester I am taking four classes that have no sort of graduation or major requirement attached to them. I am taking these classes simply because I had interest in them. The classes that I decided to take are: Pottery, Adaptive P.E., Diverse and Exceptional Learner, and Experiential Leadership. Each class is completely different from the other, but after having a week of class I think I will enjoy what I get out of them.

In Pottery our first assignment is to make 8 bowls. You would think that it wouldn’t be a challenging assignment, but after a week of trying to make bowls, pottery might end up being my most difficult class. Let’s just say I am not the most gifted artist.

Adaptive P.E. is a class where students with disabilities come to Luther once a week and we provide some physical activity for them. On Friday we had our first day in the pool, and I think it is safe to say that this class is going to be my favorite one of the semester. It is really cool to interact with the students and see how much excitement they get out of swimming, or shooting a basketball.

Diverse and Exceptional learner is an education class and I decided to take this class because I am going into the Human Resources field. I figured that this class would allow me to see people from various lenses and be able to understand differences in culture.

Finally, experimental leadership should be a fun class where we learn about different types of leadership education that is developing across the country.  I am hoping that we get to spend some time on the ropes course this semester.

My classes are very different and don’t have much in common, but I think it will be a nice way to finish up my last semester at Luther. I am anxious to see what happens during these next four months.

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