Awesome Parents

Parents are awesome; they always know how to take the best out us. I have never seen parents coming out to support their children competing in college sports like the parents of Luther athletes. Some of us are in cross country and track and field and that means some parents sacrifice many of their weekends all year round to make sure that their children perform the best. Some parents have to drive one hour, others drive 12 hours to support us.

On the 9th of February, 2013, the track and field team travelled to Carleton to display our greatness. Yes we are great, but our parents make us greater. As I looked around the Carleton indoor track facility I saw a lot of blue. This blue was not from our track uniform, it was worn by parents. I was surprised because we were in Carleton, so one may expect to see a lot yellow but our parents came out in full force to support us. Some parents cheered their lungs out and some took pictures of a competing Luther athlete.

Even though I know my parents will never see me compete in Luther colors, I always feel like they are there, supporting me because of the other parents who cheer for me when I compete. These parents do not come to meet just to cheer for their own sons and daughters competing, they cheer for Luther. When I put my uniform on, I always know that I am Luther. When they shout “let’s go Luther” I always know that they are cheering for me too. I am very proud to be part of the Luther family and I appreciate all that the parents do for us as Luther athletes.

Ohh, almost forgot, these parents can bake delicious COOKIES, yum yum.

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