Semester Two - A wake-up call!

Hi everyone!

This semester started with a whirlwind of surprises - let me tell you! It took me two days to get here due to blizzardy weather conditions. During those two days, I took a train, a subway, a plane, a shuttle, a bus, stayed in a hotel, walked places on foot and sat in an airport for five hours. You never know what kind of mess you're getting into when you decide to go to school so far from home. Sometimes, as I'm lugging my suitcase from one mode of transportation to the next, I think I'm crazy for choosing Luther, but then I remind myself what a magical place it is (the choirs I love being a part of, the wonderful friends I have), and confirm that I'm definitely in the right place!

Because of all of this crazy weather we had and my late arrival, I feel like I've started this semester off on the wrong foot. Even before I got here, I had missed 3 classes, was behind on work, and on top of all this, my laptop broke during the two days of travel. Also, I didn't anticipate classes being as demanding this semester as they were in the fall. But it turns out that with frisbee and work and choir and voice lessons, it's just as crazy if not more hectic! Quite a departure from the rather flexible schedule I was enjoying back at home during Jterm. I'm hoping to get more efficient with homework though.

Meanwhile, I am working on my study abroad application - as I plan on going to Quito, Ecuador in the fall - so get excited for some awesome blogs 'desde America del Sur"! The hardest part is 'jumping through hoops' to finish the application (which they probably do so that no one is responsible for my death!).

This weekend, I go to Rochester to get my computer fixed. Maybe I'll have time to window shop and get some ethnic food while I'm at it! Wish me luck!

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