Stress Already?

My semester is off to an awfully stressful start!

Classes were scheduled to resume last Thursday, but a huge snowstorm left many of the roads to Decorah impassible. An email late Wednesday morning informed Luther students that classes would be cancelled until 12:45 pm on Thursday due to the weather. My mom had originally changed her work schedule so she could bring me back to school on Wednesday night, and then had to change it again so that she was able to bring me back Thursday morning! Practically right after I got back on campus Thursday afternoon I had to run to my first class of the semester.

On Monday, I woke up feeling sick to my stomach. Thinking breakfast would help me to push through it, I got ready for the day and headed to class. I ended up leaving my 8 am class twice because I was positive I was going to be sick, and ten minutes into my second class (why did I even go?!) I ended up leaving and heading back to my room to hunker down for the day. I spent all of the day in bed, which left me feeling a lot better, but slightly (okay, pretty significantly) stressed out because of the work that I had to make up.

On top of my daily homework (which is turning out to be a lot more than it was last semester!), I have a paper due on Tuesday for my Religion class on a book that I have yet to start!  I'm also feeling pretty worried about my Physiology class, because the reading took me almost four hours to complete this past weekend - that is a lot of reading per day for one class!

Although I feel pretty overwhelmed right now, I know that this is how the beginning of the semester is. In six weeks, I will be finished with my Fit&Well class, giving me extra time to do homework (and eat lunch, because currently I'm in class from 11-4:30!). After my first Physiology exam, I'll have a better understanding of what the professor is looking for, and how much detail I need to put into my notes from the reading and how much time I need to spend studying.

Until then, I'll just keep on truckin'!

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